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In-Home Music Lessons for the Brooklyn and Manhattan Boroughs. 



Lessons are designed specifically for each student’s age, ability, and personality.


Lessons for kids ages 3-4 revolve around a variety of music games, focusing on basic understandings of rhythm, pitch, and reading of elementary music notation, while the older age brackets revolve more around learning the mechanics of playing an instrument.


In all cases, the lessons take on a relaxed and fun learning atmosphere, encouraging each student to express their inner voice to the world of music making!

Group & private lessons are available for

Piano, Guitar, and Voice in the Manhattan & Brooklyn boroughs.


Zoom Lessons available for students throughout the United States.

Contact me for Rates & Availability.

Zoom Lessons Available


Music is for everyone. It is a language that is universally understood, appreciated, and loved. One needs not to be a musical prodigy to embrace its many modes of expression, its mathematical patterns, its reflection of the human condition. My main goal is to encourage the pursuit of a lifelong passion for music and art through the context of joyful exploration of the guitar, piano, and voice.


I have been teaching music to children of all ages for the past 12 years. I work with kids ranging from ages 2 and up, and in every case I approach the lesson based on the individual, staying sensitive to their own personal strengths and interests.


By understanding what is intrinsic to my student’s personality, I adapt the lessons so that the challenges of learning an instrument become exciting and fun. 


As an actor with experience on Broadway, and as a musician who has performed in venues throughout the city, I have a wealth of experience to share with my students. I look forward to sharing this experience with you and your child!



"We started lessons with Luke when my 5-year old son was just 2. I thought it would be a fun way to teach him an appreciation for music, but it has been so much more than that.  The activities and games Luke incorporates help in developmental skills like memory, pattern recognition, focus, and fine motor development.  I was also extremely impressed by how Luke recognized what type of learner my son was, and adapted his approach accordingly -- structuring the lesson in a way that played off my son's strengths and what he enjoyed, while helping him develop those areas he needed more help with in a fun and very supportive way.  This dramatically improved my son's engagement and confidence, which in turn, helped him develop and improve much faster.  We absolutely love our "lesson with Luke" each week, which I can truly say is FAR more than just a music lesson!"

Brittany C. / Son Age 5 / UWS

"Luke has been teaching my son music and ukulele since he was 2 (he's now 4). I wasn't sure what to expect when they started their lessons, but I was amazed to see how much Luke was able to do with a 2-year old. He has a variety of methods to teach young children rhythm, pitch, etc. such that the child thinks he is playing a fun game. Luke gradually eased into teaching my son the ukulele so as not to overwhelm him or disinterest him, and that approach worked well as it continued to make the lesson fun and never turned him off from learning. My son can now play a few (simple) melodies on the ukulele, which is pretty amazing at such a young age. My son absolutely ADORES Luke and looks forward to his lesson every week. Luke also recently started teaching my second son who is now 2, and he can barely wait for his turn to have his lesson! I would highly recommend Luke to anyone; he is a great guy, very patient, wonderful with kids and extremely talented."

Katerina P. / Sons Age 2 and 4 / Tribeca

"Luke teaches in a way that’s easy to understand. I like what I’m learning. And also he’s a nice guy."

Hugh B. / Age 11

"Luke is an incredible teacher.  He is super patient, professional and a lot of fun. 

My girls absolutely love him!"

Lisa L. / Daughters Age 10 and 12 / Tribeca

"Luke is a natural teacher -- warm, skillful, kind, and funny! His musical background is extensive, and he sensitively chooses which pieces, strategies and teaching methods best suit my son’s understanding at any one time.  Plus his versatile talents as a performer shine through his teaching, as an inspiration to take on each new challenge.  My son loves him, and we couldn’t be happier!"

Alexis S. / Son Age 7 / Greenpoint


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Interested in scheduling a lesson or have general questions regarding rates and availability, message me here, or contact me at :

(410) 562 4212

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